2019 Inductions, Ceremonies, and Evaluations Chair

by Sep 19, 2019Apensuwi

My Brothers! I am Brennen Flanagan from Croatan Lodge #117 and I am your section ICE Chairman for 2019-2020. ICE stands for Inductions and ceremonial events, so my committee deals with the entire Inductions process from the unit election all the way to the brotherhood conversion.

On the section level this entails providing resources for training’s regarding various aspects of the induction. Such as, “how to set up a new member session” or “how to train elangomats/ nimats.” It also means providing a chance for every lodge to participate in a Ceremony Evaluation at conclave.

For conclave we will be bringing in NOAC ceremony evaluators, to assist our ceremony team members in becoming the best ceremonialists they can possibly be for the benefit of our candidates. For more information about training opportunities you can contact us through our new Facebook page “SR-7B Inductions and Ceremonies”. I look forward to hearing from you all and seeing you at conclave 2020!

Yours in Brotherhood,
Brennan Flanagan