Request an Officer

Caution! This page is only intended for Lodge Chiefs and Lodge Advisers.

Welcome COC Members!

This page is dedicated to helping Council of Chief members navigate their way through the logistics of attending Conclave. First, you will find all rubrics for the Cardinal Communications Award. Submissions for the Award are done through a Google Form submission, which is also found below. More information, such as Conclave schedules, promotional materials, and a social media toolkit will be posted.



Our section officers are more than willing to come to both lodge and chapter events to fulfill a variety of roles. Typical scenarios include using them as guest speakers or as trainers.

Officers will likely have more availability to attend events when requested in advance. For banquets and one-day events request officers closest to your area. You may find out which part of NC each officer lives next to their email address as a reference.

Information to Include in your request

  • Time and date the event starts and ends
  • Location of event
  • A brief summary of event details
  • Cost, if not covered by the host
  • Duties expected of the visiting officer during the event
  • Overnight accommodations (if applicable)
  • Contact person and information

Submitting a Request

To request a visit, please send your request via the form below with the requested information above.

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