2019 Service and Recognitions Chairs

by Aug 12, 2019Apensuwi

Hello everyone,

I am Sam Weaver and I am the 2019-2020 SR-7B Recognitions Chairmen. I am a Brotherhood member of Nayawin Rar Lodge and am currently serving as the Lodge Secretary. I am a senior at Clayton High School and am interested in studying Computer Engineering at NC State or UNC Charlotte. In my free time, I enjoy playing golf, working on computers, and enjoy spending time with family and friends.

My vision for Recognitions for the 2020 Conclave are to re-imagine how we see the spirit award. The spirit award is a sought after award by many lodges but the requirements for it are vague and unclear. This year, I am proposing that the lodges will be judged based on a rubric with different categories meant to bring out more spirit at Conclave. Under this proposed system every lodge should strive to make each year’s Conclave theme more interesting and dynamic than the last. The rubric would also act as a form of voting which will maintain election integrity.

Honor Lodge will also be tweaked slightly this year in accordance with national policy. National policy has replaced JTE with a new system that they call PMP or Performance Measurement Program. This new system is meant to help Lodges grow more efficiently as there has been an 18% decrease in membership numbers since 2015. Lodges shouldn’t be concerned with this new change as it is meant to be similar to JTE and easily adaptable.

Overall, I am looking forward to seeing everyone coming out to Conclave at Camp Bowers and competing for all of the Section Awards.

Yours in Cheerful Service,
Samuel Weaver
SR-7B Recognitions Chair

Hey guys,

My name is William Erickson and I am the 2019-2020 Service Chair. I Live in King and am a brotherhood member of Wahissa Lodge, where I serve as Vice Chief of Finance. I am also a Life Scout with Troop 450. I am currently working on my eagle project to establish a dog park at the City of King, NC’s Recreation Acres Park. 

Besides Scouts I am a rising Junior at West Stokes High School and am currently interested in entrepreneurial management. At school I am the treasurer of the Interact club and Vice President of Legislation for my Youth and Government delegation. I swim for Long Creek in the summer. My favorite event is the 200 free. I also enjoys running cross country of which I have a 5k PR of 22 minutes and 5 seconds.

As service chair I hope to plan a project to benefit the community around camp Bowers. I am also hoping to better publicize the food drive, blood drive, and service project.

Yours in Brotherhood,
William Erickson
SR-7B Service Chair