Meet Kenan Boswell: 2022 SR-7B AIA Chair

by Mar 18, 2022Apensuwi

Hi, I am Kenan Boswell, the current AIA Chairman for the section. I come from Mocksville, NC where I started my Scouting career with Troop 732. In 2015, I completed my Ordeal to join Lodge 70 Tsoiotsi Tsogalii. During my time in OA, I have competed at the section level placing first this past year in Men’s Fancy and Chicken dancing. I have also competed at NOAC placing top ten in Men’s Fancy Dancing. Currently, I am a student at UNC Charlotte as a music education major with the goal of one day becoming a band director at the middle school or high school level. I look forward to seeing you at Conclave and if you have any questions or interest in AIA come find me at the dance arbor, see you there.

Yours in Scouting,

Kenan A. Boswell

SR-7B American Indian Affairs Chair