A Sneak Peek Of The 2022 Conclave

by Feb 19, 2022Apensuwi

With a little over two months before Conclave, the stage is being set for The Fire Of A New Day! Just two weeks ago, the SR-7B officers held their 60 Days Out meeting, an opportunity to hash out any rough spots in the planning for our event while confirming the events being offered, strategizing for logistics, and brainstorming how to better promote the weekend to the Arrowmen of our section. Something important to note is that the setup of this year’s Conclave will be COMPLETELY different than 2021, returning to a more conventional platform. COVID-friendly practices such as the cohort model will be retired. In addition, Arrowmen will be able to camp with their lodge, rather than a specific area. Scouts can go where they please, and a more open layout will be made.

First, OAX. OAX is a place where you can pretty much learn about anything, with several stations for you to check out various topics and activities. What are some of these topics, you may ask? In the “town” of OAX that is assembled, various villages include Shooting Sports, AIA, Careers, Cooking, Section Scientist, Great Outdoors, and more. Each of these villages will have vendors and experts ready to display, inform, and teach about whatever topic you are interested in getting involved in.

Next, Cardnival. Held on the Saturday night of Conclave, Cardnival is the big bash that ties everything in Conclave together, providing a satisfying bang to an eventful weekend. Events and perks scheduled to be held at Cardnival includes a VR Experience, a Branding Station, Lodge-sponsored games and competitions, snacks, and much more. There is too much here to not want to attend, so make plans to come out and take part.

Our final sneak peek is all about the Campwide Game. If you’ve taken part in the past, the purpose of the Campwide Game is to visit as many areas of Conclave as you can, documenting your experience and getting the most out of the weekend along the way. This year, Arrowmen will race to photograph themselves at around 4 various Conclave activities. For those that turn in their evidence, a prize is guaranteed…but a grand prize will also be raffled for every completer. It’s really a win-win, you pretty much just get to enjoy Conclave while getting rewarded for it. Pretty sweet, right?

Of course, the weekend is also filled with fantastic shows, AIA events, and the Quest for the Golden Arrow, which is featured on the Apensuwi in another feature. With so much to offer, we can’t wait for you to sign up and be a part of your lodge’s delegation at the SR-7B Conclave at Camp Tuscarora. Don’t wait, sign up now at conclaveregistration.org/section/sr7b.