At Conclave: Inductions and Ceremonial Events Program

by Jan 27, 2021Apensuwi

 The ICE committee’s program area at conclave will be centered on SR-7B’s first official presentation of Polestar: Inductions Leadership Training. Polestar is a new national training that goes above and beyond any training the OA has ever offered on the Induction. For years induction training has focused on “How” to conduct various aspects of the induction, but Polestar focuses on “Why.” During Polestar we will go “Behind the scenes” to discover why we do the things we do, and more importantly, why our induction is so vital to the future of our Order.​

Participants will discuss every aspect of the induction adventure and lodge leaders will be shown how those aspects relate to things like youth retention and the fulfillment of our Order’s purpose. There will also be live ceremony demonstrations followed by panel discussions with induction leaders from across the southern region, including former National Order of the Arrow Conference trainers and evaluators.

Members of lodge leadership at every level are strongly encouraged  to take this amazing opportunity to equip themselves with this knowledge so that we can all better serve our candidates and new members and bring home a new vision of the induction.