At Conclave: Section Award Competitions

by Oct 12, 2020Apensuwi

     The 2021 SR-7B Conclave held at Camp Bowers on April 16th – 18th will be full of fun, brotherhood, and excitement with Arrowmen from all across the state as every conclave is. The gathering of our section’s six lodges presents not only an opportunity to bond but also an opportunity for friendly competition.  Every conclave, there are a plethora of awards earned by each individual lodge. From the section’s permanent awards to AIA competitions to region recognitions, lodges have the opportunity to show off their strengths in a variety of ways.

For starters, Conclave is where we announce recipients of the region’s “We Support Camping” award. To earn this award, lodges must complete five requirements as well as choose to complete an additional three options. Requirements include providing funding, service, and promotion to the council’s camping program as well as has options like having an OA camp coordinator on camp staff and developing resources for units in the council. SR-7B had three lodges earn the award this past year and has had a lodge earn the award every year since its inception. If you want to cheer your lodge on when they are recognized for this honor, then you will want to be at the Sunday morning show of Conclave 2021.

Want to represent your lodge in a specific competition? Then head on over to the Indian Affairs Village at Conclave, where you can not only have a great time but also compete in divisions you register for. Your lodge drum can compete in the singing competition. As a dancer one has nine categories of dance, they could compete in individually. Additionally, there are two categories of team dance: Pow Wow and Historical. Plus the results of all of these will culminate into the winner of the Section AIA Award.

Finally, the awards everyone strives to win…the permanent section awards. The ICE award represents strength in ceremonies and inductions both at conclave and year round. The coveted honor lodge award recognizes lodges for their performance at conclave and all year round with aspects including conclave attendance, award submission deadlines, AIA results, service to the council, and so much more. The spirit award given to the lodge with the most spirit throughout the weekend is a tough competition of lodges trying to be the loudest, proudest, and most unique with their theme. Plus of course, the quest for the golden arrow where a series of competitions and events completed by representatives from each lodge will determine the overall victor of the golden arrow. To win any of these, your lodge is going to need your support.

The competitions at Conclave this year will be exciting and jam packed. You will want to not only be there to cheer your lodge on but also to help them in their quest to take home as many victories as possible. So, bring your spirit, bring your skills, and be prepared for Conclave 2021 registration going live in the coming month.