At Conclave: Wilderness Expedition

by Feb 17, 2021Apensuwi

Do you seek adventure? Do you want to become a true survivalist? Do you crave the outdorrs? Then, the wilderness expedition program at Conclave 2021 is the perfect place for you. In this program, you’ll be able to learn a variety of survival skills and activities for yourself and to bring back to your unit.

Participants will each be in a crew setting out on their own individual expedition with a survival simulation they’ll have to get through. Arrowmen will utilize their navigation skills as they have to use their compasses and orienteering to find each survival challenge. As they encounter each challenge, their crew guide will both teach them the skill and give them the chance to do it themselves. The goal is for you and your crew to make it through all the challenges and survive.

As participants face challenges they’ll apply their scout skills like first aid and cooking as well as take them to the next level with unique applications and hands on activities. Plus, Scouts will get to truly put themselves to the test as they compete to get the fastest time in events like fire starting and water purification. This experience will be unlike anything a Conclave has seen before. Arrowmen will get to go back to their roots as lovers of the outdoors and bond with their expedition crew through this fun and exciting expedition.

Register for Conclave today at to find out if YOU will survive.