Behind The Scenes With Klahican Lodge!

by Jan 20, 2022Apensuwi

Many Lodges utilize social media to promote and highlight their events. Often, it’s a simple photo post, or maybe even a gallery of shots to reflect once the event is over. Some even record video, making graphics with music in the background, scenic shots, funny moments, and more. However, Klahican Lodge has implemented a strategy that’s a little different than the norm. Some say they are pushing the envelope, or even redefining the standards. Mixing Saturday Night Live, The Tonight Show, and short-form social media content into one, Klahican has already made many episodes for their new feature: A Brief Moment.

The lodge’s Vice Chief of Administration and SR-7B Service Chair, Sam Crowder, outlined the tools they use for production: A Nikon D7000 Camera, a green screen, and editing software (They use iMovie but many programs can do the job.) Though A Brief Moment only uses about a minute of time per episode, Sam, sometimes accompanied by co-host Trenton Purnell, entertains but also engages Arrowmen, informing them of upcoming events such as their Winter Fellowship, with gags including jumping into a swimming pool in uniform and frequent, loud sips from an empty coffee mug. Instagram’s fairly new ability to host long-form videos similar to YouTube is also utilized, as Klahican has used this comedic style to implement a guerilla interviewing method¬† at past events similar to the Emmy-nominated show ‘Billy on the Street’.

Future plans for video content? Only time will tell. This communications team has a lot planned, so stay tuned. By scrolling down, you can see some shots from past episodes, as well as direct links so you can view each installment yourself!

“Sign Up For Winter Fellowship!” // “A Brief Moment Ep 1” // “A Brief Moment Ep 2” // “Fellowship on the Trail – Disco Fever Edition