Innovation through Fellowship grows Klahican Lodge

by Mar 27, 2018Apensuwi

Throughout the section, it is important for every lodge to work together to build on each other. Every lodge has its own strengths and weaknesses. Through working together and sharing our strengths we can continue to innovate and become better lodges. Every lodge has its own strategy for how to retain its members and keep them coming back fellowship after fellowship. An arrowmens first fellowship will make or break his experience with the OA. For this reason, the Saturday night activities following an ordeal in are so important in creating a meaningful experience of fellowship with other arrowmen.

In Klahican lodge, we strive to achieve membership retention through new and exciting activities at our fellowships to keep members excited about fellowship.  Whether it is chapter versus chapter competition to prepare for conclave quest events or inflatable jousting to spark competition among arrowmen, having new and exciting activities gives arrowmen something to look forward too. The key to creating new activities is having arrowmen who like to innovate new ways to have fun. No one wants to do the same thing at every fellowship. It is not a small job, but it pays off when you have young arrowmen talking about how excited they are to participate in the weekend’s activities. When selecting activities dont be afraid to come up with big ideas, the worst thing that can happen is for someone to say no. The next step for the Klahican lodge is to use resources that are already available at our camp like climbing or kayaking. Use your lodges own strengths to design activities to keep a busy schedule at your next fellowship. The fellowship you create through activities can last arrowmen a lifetime.