Lodge Feature: Klahican Fellowship Activities

By: Matthew Klassa

A couple weekends ago, I had the privilege of visiting Klahican Lodge #331’s Fall Fellowship and Inductions weekend. I would like to thank them for their generous hospitality and for sharing a great event with me! During the event I participated in their fellowship activities and identified two strategies as best practices that I would like to share with other lodges in the section. These best practice strategies are putting on general activities and having a themed party on Saturday night.
The first best practice that Klahican uses is putting on general activities that are common to every event. Klahican plays games, such as Lodge Dodge, with their new members once the Inductions process is complete. This gives new members a chance to experience the fun and fellowship of our Order while building relationships with returning members. It also gives the returning members a fun and competitive way to wind down from the day.
The second strategy Klahican uses is throwing a themed party to close off the night. Creative themes like Fiesta, Luau, and Olympics provide plenty of interactive activities for a Saturday night party. These thematic activities provide a valuable opportunity for members to relax and talk or participate in activities as desired. Putting on a distinctive theme also makes each event stand out for lodge members. Klahican uses the themes from their events to put together an interlinking patch set for the entire lodge year.

Each lodge within the section has their own way of putting their lodge’s touch on their fellowships. It is my hope that this brief overview of Klahican’s fellowship has provided you with some idea of how other lodges put on their fellowships and maybe inspired you to think of new creative fellowship activities for your own lodge. Thank you again to Klahican for showing me their competitive and themed fellowship!

Yours in Brotherhood,
Matthew Klassa | Vice Chief of Program