Hello Brothers,

I hope that everybody has had a great start to the New Year and is getting excited for Conclave. We are less than 45 days away from the largest OA events in the country this year and I could not be more excited!

As we approach Conclave, it is important to maintain strong communication with the members of your lodge, chapter, and troop. Especially as we begin the Unit Election season and the first inductions of the year. Make sure to promote conclave to everyone. When election teams go and visit units, have them make sure to include some information about conclave to all members and future members.

We’ll be updating the Conclave page on the Section website with more information about the event as we move closer to the weekend.

Conclave this year is going to be full of amazing opportunities for new and exciting training, inter-lodge competitions and lots of fun. I hope that you get as many people to sign up as possible to experience this amazing opportunity.

In Cheerful Service,

Connor Bardin

SR-7B Secretary