Message From the Section Vice Chief of Training: Ethan Syster

by Jan 9, 2019Apensuwi


I hope that everyone had a great holiday season. This New Year means that we are now only four short months away from the largest Conclave in the nation!  One of the many reasons that Arrowmen enjoy coming to SR-7B’s Cardinal Conclave is our exciting training opportunities.

When you think of the word “training” you may think of struggling to keep your eyes open in a boring, classroom setting, that reminds you of your least favorite academic class.  Who would want to do that on a Saturday? At SR-7B Conclave, OAXperience redefines the meaning of the word “training.” Our expo-style training is a highlight of the Cardinal Conclave program.  This year we are excited to be recruiting more than 80 exhibitors ranging from the National Guard to the National Whitewater Center. We will have exhibits that allow you to perfect a classic scout skill, or teach you something entirely new like martial arts, robotics, or chemistry.  With nearly half of our exhibits new to OAX, there is a lot to experience, even for those Arrowmen who have attended Conclave before.

In addition to OAX, this year the training team will be offering OAX+ training sessions in the afternoon.  I know you’re probably thinking “we just said we didn’t want to fall asleep in a boring, classroom-style training.”  That’s why OAX+ training sessions are designed to be anything but a nap-inducing lecture. These short, dynamic training sessions will allow Arrowmen to spend more time interacting with representatives from an OAX exhibit that caught their attention.  Currently, OAX+ will offer training on metalworking, robotics, patch trading, and fly fishing. Create your own metalworking craft, learn to program a robot, interact with experts on the patches and memorabilia of section SR-7B, or tie and fish with your own fly.  As the training team works to find new exhibitors and trainers, we are sure there will be an OAX exhibit and OAX+ training session that will appeal to every Arrowman at Conclave.

So make sure you are there to experience all the action by registering for Conclave today at  If you have any training suggestions or questions, please contact me at  Thank you and I look forward to seeing each of you April 12-14th, at Camp Durant, for SR-7B’s Cardinal Conclave!


Ethan Syster

SR-7B Vice Chief of Training