Monthly Feature: Campsite Bash and Quest for the Golden Arrow COVID Adaptation

by Feb 17, 2021Apensuwi

COVID-19 has presented the section leadership with many opportunities to innovate and rethink how we do certain aspects of Conclave. Two of our most popular and biggest highlights of Conclave are the Quest for the Golden Arrow competition and our Saturday night event typically called cardnival, both of which are very large gatherings and typically hands on. Never fear though, we are proud to now share with you all how we are still going to make this style of event happen, be safe, and be fun.

Quest for the Golden Arrow will have all brand new competitions this year. Each event will take place within a Conclave program area, focusing on a skill developed in that area. At shooting sports, we’ll tally shotgun scores. At Section Spartan, we’ll time spartan race runs. In Wilderness Expedition, we’ll time water location and purification. During “A Day on the Lake” we’ll track your kayak speed. Each of these events will still be just as fun as a typical quest event and will be run quickly and efficiently by staff in each of the individual areas that will then report results to the vice chief of program for the final scoring and declaration of the winning lodge. The best part is now as many lodge members as want to can compete. Every single youth arrowmen in a program area with an event will have the opportunity to submit their score for tabulation into their lodge’s average score. This year Quest for the Golden Arrow will be all fun for everyone.

Next, we have replaced cardnival with our first ever SR-7B campsite bash! Each cohort will have their very own miniature event hosted by section staff with high energy. Music will be playing, games will be provided, and snacks will be eaten. Activities include things such as an escape room in a box and trivia! In addition to your typical enthusiastic fun, there will also be prizes given out at each campsite bash. This part of the event will be fun and an amazing opportunity to bond with the other arrowmen in your cohort while enjoying the activities.

The section leadership gladly accepted this invitation for innovation. We hope you’ll accept our invitation and give our event a standing ovation.