National Inductions resources

by Sep 19, 2019Apensuwi

Guide to Inductions

The Guide to Inductions is the official publication of the Order of the Arrow detailing the complete inductions process that begins with the election of a Scout by the members of his troop or team and ends with the Arrowman’s Brotherhood ceremony. This publication provides the basis for building and improving the inductions experience in your lodge.

Lodge and chapter officers, committees, and advisers are highly encouraged to download and use this resource as they work to lead their lodge to sustainability, growth, and program excellence.




This guide provides information on Order of the Arrow unit elections to both members and non-members. It can be distributed to unit leaders and others who want to know the policies regarding unit elections and how unit elections are conducted. All of the content in this guide is taken from the Guide to Inductions. However, the Guide to Inductions is not made available to non-members because it contains information on the Order’s ceremonies.

Induction, Ceremonies, and Evaluations Training 

The Order of the Arrow offers lots of training’s, power-points, and handouts to help lodges educate thier members on how to maintain an effective inductions process.

These training’s include familiar things like Inductions 101, Managing Ordeal Inductions, and Managing Brotherhood Inductions; and also some less familiar ideas like the extended elangomat program. All of these training resources and more can be found here