Fall Inductions at Nayawin Rar

by Sep 19, 2019Apensuwi


This weekend Vice Chief of Program, Matthew Klassa and I had the privilege of visiting Nayawin RaR Lodge #296’s Fall Fellowship and Inductions weekend. We thank them for their hospitality and for sharing a great event with us. During the event we participated in their inductions processes and identified three strategies as best practices that we would like to share with other lodges in the section. These best practice strategies are smaller, more personal ceremonies, meaningful service projects, and exciting evening activities.

The first strategy of smaller ceremonies makes the candidate experience much more personalized. Ceremonies performed for a small number of candidates require that more ceremonies are done. However the Nayawin RaR ceremonies teams are committed to this extra work in order to give the ordeal candidates the best experience possible.

Secondly, the meaningful service projects allowed Nayawin RaR’s ordeal candidates to give back to their camp and community. Personally, Matthew and I helped with moving an old storage shed to allow for the construction of a new storage facility and building a new shelving unit. By providing cheerful service opportunities that make a direct impact on the camp, the ordeal candidates can see their impact on the camp for years to come.

Finally, my personal favorite part of the event was the evening program that got the newly inducted Arrowmen excited about the Order of the Arrow. Naywin RaR feud (an improved version of Family Feud) pitted a team of section visitors against a team of newly inducted Arrowmen. The questions were scouting related and a survey was conducted earlier in the day to determine the most popular answers. This gameshow-style event was a great way to involve new Arrowmen in a fun evening program that will increase the likelihood they return for future lodge and chapter events.

Each lodge within the section has their own way of putting their lodge’s touch on the induction process. It is our hope that this brief overview of Nayawin RaR’s induction process has provided you with some idea of how other lodges go about the inductions process and maybe inspired you to think of a new innovative inductions practice for your own lodge. Thank you again to Nayawin RaR for showing us their personalized, meaningful, and fun inductions weekend!

Yours in Cheerful Service,
Ethan Syster