Lodge Spotlight: Occoneechee Focuses on Member Activation

by Oct 25, 2018Apensuwi

In an attempt to combat a problem held by many lodges, Occoneechee Lodge is working on a solution to the problem of Activation in the OA. Activation is a JTE criteria that focuses on getting arrowmen to return to another OA event within 6 months after their Ordeal.

In an effort to motivate new arrowmen to return to an event the lodge leadership got together and came up with a plan to adjust our schedule during Fall Fellowship. The proposal pushed the Ordeal ceremonies for new members to immediately after their Ordeal concluded, instead of after dinnertime.

After the Ordeal concluded, candidates went directly to their ordeal ceremony. As a result, the candidates were no longer under a vow of silence and could have fun and experience the Saturday afternoon and evening festivities as a new lodge member.

At past events, the lodge would hold two different dinners: one for candidates and one for current arrowmen. With the new schedule our new brothers had an opportunity to eat with everyone at the event.

After Dinner, our new members gathered for Thunderfest. Similar to Cardnival, Thunderfest is a post-Ordeal party to celebrate our new members completion with video games, trivia, food, and networking. Thunderfest allows opportunities for new members to get involved. If interested, members can talk to lodge leadership and learn about all of the opportunities in the lodge for them to become involved.

If you have any questions about this project, please send an email to support@lodge104.com.