Opportunity: Conclave Service

by Mar 10, 2021Apensuwi

Conclave this year may look a little bit different, but that will not stop us from performing the cheerful service our organization was founded upon. This year at Conclave, we’ll have a COVID safe service project and our food drive is still continuing as it does every year!

Our Conclave Service project will be writing thank you letters to active and retired military.  The project is called “Thank a Vet” and is run through the organization A Million Thanks.  Everyone will have a chance to participate in Cohorts and completed letters will be sent to motivate and thank our service members!

It is also important to remember to bring items for our Food Drive!  While anything is appreciated, meals that are able to be eaten or substantive foods (not just canned vegetables) have a greater impact.  During COVID especially there is a great need for this, and the food donated will be going to members of the Fayetteville community.  We will be counting foods differently based on category, not just weight, so try to avoid the can of corn and bring some other things!  The cohort with the most substantial donations will be rewarded! Foods such as canned protein, fruits, vegetables, soups, as well as boxed and dry goods such as pasta, rice, cereal, instant potatoes, pancake mix, etc. are our target donations.  Anything will be appreciated and accepted though!

Just like any other year, the 2021 Conclave will be one of brotherhood, cheerfulness, and service. To participate and give back, register at oae8.org/conclave by March 23rd.