Opportunity: Eagle Scout Challenge

by Oct 12, 2020Apensuwi

During the pandemic, it has been difficult to hold scouting events and experience fellowship within our organization as we traditionally do. But, Bryan Wendell from Scouting Magazine found a modern way to connect us all in these trying times.

In August of 2020, Bryan released an article initiating what he titled the #EagleScoutChallenge. He begins by sharing the story of his Eagle Scout project. Then, he issues the charge to the rest of us.

This is an opportunity for you to not only share your story but also learn about and connect with scouts all over the nation. Bryan even found a way to include both current eagles as well as future eagles who haven’t yet reached their goal.

Here’s how it works. Current Eagle Scouts can post on social media detailing their eagle project. They describe what it was, where they did it, how long it took them, any details they want to include, and of course the pride it gave them when they completed it. All that has to be done afterwards is to add the hashtag #EagleScoutChallenge and if they’re so inclined add #scoutingstories

Aspiring eagles have the opportunity to look towards their future. Those currently working on their project have the chance to post about their plan and progress thus far. Scouts who haven’t reached that point yet can describe what they want their project to be or what beneficiaries and options intrigue them for when they do reach the monumental project. Once again at the end of the post or caption, they add #EagleScoutChallenge and #scoutingstories. 

The challenge has allowed for scouts to share their achievements, progress, and hopes with our scouting community during these otherwise isolated times. It has also allowed them to spread the word, spirit, and greatness of scouting to all who follow them. Thus far, there have been around 300 posts across all platforms using the hashtag and many more sharing their stories without using the hashtag. The best way for you to help spread this new scouting trend is to do it yourself and end with challenging at least one of your fellow eagles or scouters to do it after you.

Don’t feel comfortable sharing your story? That’s okay too! This challenge still gives you the opportunity to hear about the great service being done by scouts all across the country. All you have to do is search “eaglescoutchallenge” on any social media platform. If you want to read the original article from Scouting Magazine, you can click this link.  This should truly serve to connect us all as we not just get through but scout through this pandemic.