At Conclave: Section Spartan

by Feb 17, 2021Apensuwi

The section spartan program is for the Arrowman that wants to showcase their abilities and that a scout is strong. This program will be fun and exciting for Arrowman at all fitness levels ranging from beginner to experienced.  From functional fitness and orienteering to a spartan race course, we have activities to fit every Arrowman! Do you have what it takes?

Once participants register to participate in section spartan, they will be sent a survey to vote on what two events should take place at the event. Whichever two events have the most votes will be what the participants do while at Conclave.  All of the event options are adaptable to all Arrowmen’s skill levels and participants should select events that align with their physical abilities.  Arrowmen can be as competitive as they want, or just enjoy the events and have fun!

The first event is called “functional fitness”! This event will be an awesome way to get your blood flowing and body moving with a variety of regular low-impact exercises. Next up is rucking and orienteering. In this event, participants will get to explore the beautiful Cape Fear Scout Reservation while completing an orienteering course. For an additional challenge, participants can also choose to have extra weight added to their backpack during this adventure to build their strength. Finally, we will have the spartan race. This event, similar to its namesake, will be a series of obstacles that participants will work through while trying to achieve as fast a time as possible. The spartan race will be rigorous but it is sure to be a highlight of the Conclave experience!