Wahissa Lodge’s New Vice Chief of Inductions

by Dec 30, 2017Apensuwi

Wahissa believes active participation starts with great first impressions: experienced election leaders at the troop level, a polished new candidate introduction at Summer camp, and most importantly, a quality Ordeal in the Fall. How a new member feels coming out of their Ordeal sets the tone for that Arrowman’s involvement in our Order, so this should be one of the most important aspects of a successful Lodge.

This is why Wahissa introduced a new Vice Chief position in 2017: Inductions. The Inductions program area focuses specifically on the new member ‘experience.’ In the past, the quality of this experience has been hindered by difficulties in communication and continuity between different areas of the Lodge. Consolidating the process into one program area cultivates a committed and efficient approach to making a big change in the Lodge.

From the 2018 Vice Chief of Inductions, Thomas Ross:

“I’m humbled to be the first Vice Chief of Inductions in our Lodge history and am excited to blaze a new trail for the future.”

Under the VCI are the Membership, Ordeal, and Elangomat Committees. Membership will work to oversee Troop elections, create materials for new candidates, lead candidate meetings at summer camp, and continually communicate with new members both in person and by digital means. Ordeal will work specifically with the Activities program area to create an efficient, meaningful, and significant Ordeal weekend. Elangomat will work to provide an experienced guide to mentor new Arrowmen during their OA journey; from callout all the way to becoming a leader.

Through this new program, Wahissa anticipates positive membership growth and more responsive groups of new members; i.e. Coming to Fall Fellowship after their Ordeal, being active in their Chapters, and serving in leadership roles. Purposeful, committed effort is the key to providing a quality program that, in turn, will motivate youth to further the vision of the Scouting movement through their involvement and actions.

From the 2018 Vice Chief of Inductions Adviser, Dan Anthony:

“The creation of a Vice Chief of Inductions for Wahissa Lodge will help us streamline the experience of a potential candidate (elections), an elected candidate (Ordeals), and a new brother (initiated Arrowman) under one administrative area. It’s a ‘mentorship’ approach that the Lodge anticipates will increase our ability to see a greater commitment to regular involvement of new Arrowmen in the life and activities of the Lodge.”