Wahissa Lodge Takes on Polestar Training

by Feb 20, 2022Apensuwi

So, what is Polestar? Let’s see what the OA says:

“The OA membership journey, called the Induction, begins at the Unit election and culminates in the Brotherhood ceremony. Polestar: Induction Leadership Training clarifies the true service the OA provides to Scouting and how the Induction achieves this purpose. Polestar builds excellence in execution of the Induction, helping lodge leaders to improve membership activation and retention. Polestar: Induction Leadership Training consists of an engaging two-hour video presentation, coupled with locally-facilitated group discussions and workshops through the Participant Workbook. While the training can be taken at any time by individuals online, the ideal format is small group sessions at lodge or section events. Polestar should be experienced by all youth and adults who lead the essential activities of the OA locally–as well as any members who wish to learn more about how (and why) the OA functions. The intended audience includes lodge and chapter advisers, lodge and chapter officers, and other key youth and adult. “

The process of Inductions is an extensive one. As soon as you are elected into the Order of the Arrow, your lodge is working hard to prepare a tapout ceremony, Ordeal weekend, ceremonies, and more. A common problem, recognized for years as “sash-and-dash”, is where Arrowmen get their Ordeal, but fail to return to another lodge event, let alone get their Brotherhood. Polestar puts the Inductions process under a microscope and empowers lodges with the tools to make this experience for meaningful for prospective Arrowmen and encourage them to return to events.

To carry along in this fashion, Wahissa held a Polestar Training Session on Saturday, February 5 at Elkin Baptist Church in Elkin, NC. “I think Polestar was a great training, and I’m glad we were fortunate enough to host one this year,” Lodge Chief Bradley Krpejs said. “I think this will benefit our lodge because it has brought many new ideas to the table regarding elections, ordeals, and the entire Inductions process. We will definitely be implementing these new ideas in the future!”