Wahissa Lodge’s New Head Elangomat Program

by Jan 9, 2019Apensuwi

Wahissa Lodge has implemented a new “Head Elangomat” system to help improve activation of new arrowmen in the lodge. The Head Elangomat will serve as a source of information and as a friendly face to the newly inducted members.

After discussing what made the lodge leadership come back to their first event, it was decided that a friend or a personal offer was what made us come back. So we decided that the best way to get new members coming back to events was for them to have a pre-established friend in the Order. The Head Elangomat would serve as this friend.

After Arrowmen are Called-Out at a Wednesday Night at Camp Raven Knob, they have the opportunity to meet their Head Elangomat, who will explain the purpose of the Order, and then invite them to attend their Ordeal. The Head Elangomat will also take up contact information, so they can stay in touch with the new candidates.

Between the call out and Ordeal, the Head Elangomat will be in touch with all of their candidates, building a friendly relationship, and also reminding them to attend Ordeal.

After Ordeal, the Head Elangomat will reach out to the newly inducted members to invite them to Fall Fellowship, which is the most fun lodge event of the year.

The hope is that the new members have a friend in this Head Elangomat, and will attend Fall Fellowship because they have been personally asked to. This means that the new members will have a great time at their first event after their Ordeal, and will be more likely to attend more events throughout the year.