SR-7B Visits Wahissa Lodge’s Fall Fellowship

by Sep 27, 2021Apensuwi

As I arrived at Camp Raven Knob for Wahissa Lodge’s Fall Fellowship, held August 24-26th, my first sight was the giant wave-shaped bouncy house that was inflated outside of the Dining Hall. This was only a glimpse of the events that were held throughout this weekend. Alongside SR-7B Vice Chief of Training Calvin Meyers, I was a representative of the Section, but I also showed up to camp as a member of Wahissa, more specifically, a delegate of the Kola Chapter. Experiencing a Lodge event in this capacity was unique, as I got to relate the event to both the Lodge’s members and its impact on the section as a whole.

Wahissa’s Fall Fellowship is one of pure fun and festivities. Held immediately after their Induction Weekends, it is meant to be a warm welcome to the new Arrowmen that are now full-fledged members. Quest Events between chapters mirror those held between lodges at Conclave, with competitions such as Tug-Of-War, Paddleless Canoe Race, Tent Pitching, and the Donut Run. The reason I specifically emphasize this one is because it was a contest of my own involvement. Competing for Kola Chapter, my task was to eat 6 donuts as fast as I could, then run to a designated part of camp and back. I learned that I was not as good of a speed eater as I thought, and I cannot confirm nor deny that those donuts remained in my stomach after the conclusion of the race.

At lunch, Calvin and I delivered a presentation on the upcoming 2022 SR-7B Conclave. With only a matter of time until Conclave preregistration opens, The Fire Of A New Day is already being lit to prepare for one of Scouting’s largest events. The afternoon continued with Chapter Jeopardy, Frisbee, a patch auctions, and the Lodge’s Annual Business Meeting, where new officers were elected. After dinner, a memorial service was held to honor those Arrowmen who had passed away through the 2020-2021 season. Later into the night, a cracker barrel prepared by the Wahissa Cook Crew, chapter campsite fellowships, and a Lodge-wide Lip Sync Battle closed out the eventful day.

Though I admit that I personally am partial toward events held by my home lodge, Calvin and I both sincerely enjoyed the hospitality and brotherhood from the lodge and chapters alike. We are excited to see what our other member lodges have in store for the fall!